Race Night Summer Students

The Summer Students’ Race Night: A Runaway Success!

On 31st July, the Tods Murray summer students of 2014 staged their big event, A Night at the Races.  Just five weeks before the students had been given a ‘charity challenge’.  The aim was simple: to raise as much money as possible for Tods Murray’s charity of the year, the Yard, by organising an event for the whole of the firm.  After much deliberation, a ‘Race Night’ was decided upon. Continue reading

Kevin Timlin

I was delighted to be able to go through to Glasgow to discuss the firm’s SME initiative ….

I’m now in the final week of the Tods Murray Summer Law School and preparations for the traineeship interviews are in full swing. However, things have not slowed down in my department and so despite only having a few days left as a Summer Student there’s a lot to fill you in on. Continue reading