Gemma McWatt

The business development workshops have given me a chance to learn about the daily work of other departments ….

The spirit of the Commonwealth Games has really taken hold of central Glasgow over the past few days. The Games are a hot topic of conversation in the office as people exchange their experiences of the big event. Glasgow has certainly been a lively city to work in this summer! Continue reading

Laura Rennie

The project entailed working with Central Services to input Wills and Powers of Attorneys into the database ….

I remember thinking at the beginning of the summer that eight weeks was a long time. However, we are now six weeks into the Summer Law School and I feel like I have progressed so much over this time. Continue reading

Kevin Timlin

It’s perhaps unsurprising that I’m learning interesting things almost daily ….

Well, we did it!

Ben and I completed the Dundee half marathon, helping to boost our total raised for Tods Murray’s Charity of the Year: The Yard. Receiving a medal at the end I don’t know what I was more proud of, finishing the race in less than two hours, or managing to continue running despite Continue reading

Tods Murray trainees and partners.

I found myself pleased that I had been entrusted with meaningful work and ready to deliver under pressure ….

My time in the Real Estate department continues to present me with challenges as well as teach me the skills needed to be a lawyer.  One such skill is the ability to prioritise and juggle tasks.  Unlike university, deadlines are not determined six months in advance and cumbersome tasks conveniently spaced out to allow for proper planning. Continue reading

Emma Read

I was tasked with compiling and analysing large spreadsheets of data and presenting this in various graphical formats ….

Week five of the Tods Murray Summer Law School is now well underway, and it can only be said that summer students are getting busier and busier. With the Charity Challenge event now only a week away and traineeship interviews looming there is lots going on and plenty to keep us occupied. Continue reading