Eilidh Morrison

I feel as if I am making a valuable contribution to the Corporate and Employment departments ….

I have reached the halfway mark of my time at Tods Murray and I now have a much greater understanding of how the law operates in practice. However, I am continuing to develop my legal skills and I am learning more every day! Continue reading

Lindsay McCormick

We have been encouraged to visit an Employment tribunal to see the law in action during our time at Tods ….

We are now at the half way point of our time as summer students at Tods Murray. My department, Real Estate, has not kept me short of tasks and so the time has passed in the blink of an eye. I have also become more involved in cross-departmental work with the insolvency team. Continue reading

Fariha Haque

The Rural Property and Business team certainly put in a lot of effort in training ….

In my last blog I hoped that I would have lots of exciting stories to deliver when writing my second one, and now I find myself with one too many things I want to write. The last four weeks have certainly been incredible and I will try and condense it down to one post! Continue reading

Jennifer Tambe

Tods Murray is teaching by example, as we summer students have been valued since day one ….

As we approach the half-way mark, I am grateful for the advice received on my first day: “just be yourself”. The people at Tods Murray have proved to me, time and time again, that the firm embraces personality and individuality. I have experienced bustling departments¬†and Continue reading